Why Is The National and International Media Silent Regarding Hate-Crimes Against White People?

How many people have heard about this horrific “hate-crime” in the news? 

And how about this tragic and horrific story…..

How many people have ever heard the following names: Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome? My guess, very few, if any! For some reason the national and international mainstream news organizations have been deafeningly silent in regards to reporting the facts pertaining to the terrible abduction, rape, torture and death of this young and innocent white couple at the hands of five African Americans in Tennessee?

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Could this silence be due to the fact that the victims were white and their perpetrators were black? Please watch these videos and do your own research and I believe you will see the obvious double-standard regarding how mainstream news outlets along with our politicians cover-up these  “hate-crimes” either out of fear of losing their jobs or because the stories don’t fit the narrative that they want the public to be aware of and/or “accept.” I find this double-standard not only perplexing but, moreso, disturbing and vile. Why? Because I believe that a crime perpetrated against ANYONE solely based on their ethnic background or sexual orientation is a “hate-crime” and mainstream news agencies and political representatives should be held accountable by having the moral and civic duty to report it as such.

Here is another travesty of justice that wasn’t widely reported in the news with the exception of North Carolina where the incident occurred……..

How many people have ever heard the name Daniel Harris? Again, my guess, very few, if any! Why? Most likely because he was a deaf and mute white man shot and killed by a black North Carolina police officer named Jermaine Saunders. The question begs to be asked: If the roles were reversed and Harris was a black man and the officer was a white man would the story have garnered any attention in the national news? My guess: YES! Otherwise, why else would the death of a twenty-nine-year-old deaf man and father who had neither a gun nor a previous criminal record and who died due to the extremely bad and bizarre judgement of a black police officer get NO media exposure whatsoever? Afterall, just weeks before, Keith Scott, an African American man and known felon with a long and violent criminal record and who had a gun, garnered a media frenzy when he was shot dead after an altercation with police in the same county and state as Harris. Interesting, huh?

Again, why the double-standard?

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Although Keith Scott was also shot by a black police officer, the majority of local and national news reports focused primarily on how he was shot and killed by “police officers,” but NEVER identifying the police officers as African American.

Again, interesting, huh?

And how about the case involving the tragic and unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin? When President Obama was asked about the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial he responded with many statements, but the following statements he made are what perplexed me the most: “If I had a son he’d look likeTrayvon Martin.” He went on to say that if “Trayvon Martin had been white, there would likely have been no shooting.” In my mind, President Obama’s statements were very telling indeed! Being black in white America is sure death! Case closed, right!

Yet, as additional information leaked from the trial a more accurate picture of Trayvon Martin emerged that painted a less innocent persona than the public had been led to believe. Prior to this, Trayvon Martin was constantly cast in the mainstream news as a sweet and innocent young man who had unfortunately been racially profiled by security guard, George Zimmerman, which ultimately led to his unfortunate death. Yet school records released at the trial showed that months prior to his death he was questioned by school security personnel for having women’s jewelry in his possession that he could not account for and that he had also defaced school property on atleast two occassions and had also been kicked out of his mother’s home for drug possession.

And although these instances don’t justify the terrible and tragic outcome that ultimately took his life, they do elicit proof that he in fact was not the innocent young man that the media and President Obama made him out to be.

Equally disturbing is how the media conversely and falsely identified Zimmerman as instigating the assault on Martin and having no merit to question him regarding what he was doing in the gated community. Also interesting is how the media constantly classified him as being white yet he is actually of Peruvian descent. When this fact of being of Peruvian ethnicitywas substantiated they then simply stated he was “White-Hispanic.”

Clever, huh?

Mainstream news depiction:

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Pictures of Trayvon Martin the news didn’t want the public to see: 

Image result for trayvon martin

Image result for trayvon martin

And as tragic as the death of Trayvon Martin is, the facts that were gleaned during the trial proved that the media had embellished much of what the public believed as fact!

Again, why would the media do this?

Below are pictures the media never wanted the public to see:

Image result for trayvon martin

Image result for trayvon martin

We as citizens, no matter our ethnic backgrounds, need to hold our local and national news agencies along with our politicians accountable for their lack of integrity and/or courage reporting the actual facts of these stories or for not reporting these stories at all. And how much longer do white citizens including police and security guards have to be wrongly cast as villains when simple investigations and facts so often prove otherwise? The mainstream media along with many politicians are purposely dividing and/or inciting the races against eachother and it is time that ALL of us wake up to this fact!  If not, this social-engineering agenda is going to destroy any chance of harmony between ethnic groups and our nation will further decline!

I also find it interesting that many of our schools and universities are now teaching courses on “White-Privilege, “White Racism” and “White Guilt,” as if being white is shameful and the many accomplishments and achievements that whites are recognized for throughout the ages are simply insignificant because all were attained simply through “white privilege?”

Now, please read this…….

The first picture below denotes the Black Lives Matter organization and the second picture is of Vladimir Lenin who, as a Jewish communist along with Trotsky and Stalin, murdered tens of millions of innocent white Christians in the early to mid 20th Century. I hope people of all ethnic backgrounds look at these pictures closely and understand that the “fist” that supposedly represents solidarity, is truly representative of communism and everything that divides us. For the powers that be who sponsored Lenin are now those sponsoring “Black Lives Matter” and they DO NOT have ANY of our best interests in mind! 

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Image result for anc communist fist

It is also interesting how the media and college universities universally support and speak about “inclusiveness” yet exclusively support the “Black Lives Matter” organization at the “exclusion” of many other ethnic groups. How “inclusionary” is that? In reality, shouldn’t and don’t ALL lives matter? When some people put signs up at universities declaring: “IT’S OK TO BE WHITE” university  police forces and local city police personnel were notified and asked by university administrators to investigate it as “hate-crime.”

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I guess simply saying that “it is ok to be white” means one is a “white supremacist,” yet saying: “Black Lives Matter” does not mean one is a “black supremacist,” huh?

How ironic is that? Again…why the double-standard?

Image result for land or death

These are tee-shirts now being worn in South Africa by many black ANC loyalists after the African National Congress voted to take White Farmers’ land, property and businesses away without monetary compensation.

Fact: For decades tens of thousands of white farmers have been raped, tortured and murdered yet there is NO MEDIA OUTRAGE AND/OR COVERAGE nor ONE U.S. politician speaking out against this travesty!

Again and again, just another double-standard!

In the picture below, please notice the fists being raised by the Mandela’s  along with the flag as the backdrop which displays the “hammer and sickle.” Fact: Both the clenched fist and the hammer and sickle denote “solidarity” in Communism.

Image result for the anc flag of communism with fist

This is the deceptive world we live in today that the public for the most part has no knowledge or concept of, and it saddens me GREATLY! Due to this naivity, MANY of us from all walks of life and diverse ethical backgrounds, fall prey to Marxist/Communist ideologies sponsored by what we believe are “trusted,” “benevolent” and “reliable” people and organizations who discreetly veil, cloak and disguise themselves as “inclusionists” all the while they are dividing, conquering and gaining more power and control over us for their own malevolent and selfish gains!

I hope and pray that PEOPLE WAKE UP!

Afterall, our children’s futures depend on it!




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