The United Nations Partners With Planned Parenthood To Sexualize Our children In Public Schools

First and foremost, I have nothing against people who are gay, transgender or otherwise, and what people do behind closed doors is their own business. My only issue is with those who are pushing this lifestyle on the most impressionable and innocent in our society: our children! Recently, there has been a HUGE push to normalize and promote  homosexuality and transgender life-styles and many, including myself, have wondered how and why this very small segment of society has become such a pervasive and powerful force in the U.S. and elsewhere throughout the world? The following videos and articles should help you in your quest to answer these questions. They helped me!

Please WATCH these short but POWERFUL videos and you will learn that this so-called “organic” movement is actually an orchestrated agenda implemented and pushed by the United Nations with help from Public School Administrators, Government officials and Planned Parenthood. Sadly, their goal is to sexualize our children through the public school system’s “Safe Schools” and make billions of dollars doing so from the unsuspecting public at large.

Also, as many of you now know, the Boy Scouts of America is now changing their name to the “Gender-Neutral Scouts.”

As I have been stressing for many years: communist elements within our Government are quickly eroding our European and Christian culture/values–not to mention our very way of life– by way of social-engineering. The use and implementation of the feel-good term: “inclusiveness” is simply used to further erode our society by emasculating our youth and making everyone and everything “gender neutral.” It is also evident to me that this agenda is being thrust upon us at breakneck speed.

One by one, icons of Americana are being replaced with Marxist ideology and traditions. First in 1989, after Jewish groups protested and won a decision in federal court calling for the banning of all Christian symbols on state and federal land, a federal law was passed and, consequently, all Christian symbols were removed forever. This even included the cross and nativity scene that had stood on the expansive lawn across from the White House lawn since 1789. Yet, ironically, since the passing of this law in 1989, a 39 foot menora has taken the place of the cross and is now erected each Christmas since. Again, why?

Also, how many gender identifications do we need before people wake-up to this absolute assault on our values and, moreso, on our children, young adults and society as a whole? Fact: there are now will over twenty designations and counting. Again, why? And why do we have television shows promoting transgender lifestyles like on HBO’s hit show: “Transparent” linked below? Coincidental? No!

To make matters worse, as recently as 2011, when Mark DeSaulnier was a senator, he voted yes on SB48 which mandated that public schools teach K-12 students homosexula/transgender history at the same time church and God are no longer allowed to be mentioned. To make matters worse, just recently, many statues or symbols of our Founding Fathers along with Civil War Generals have been removed by these same organizations.
Now the Boy Scouts of America has been purged and emasculated much like everything else in our society. Read and weep and then vote out Mark DeSaulnier who– I guarantee– is all for everything I have mentioned above.  

Fact: Mr. DeSaulnier always cites and quotes historical events in his stump speeches and otherwise. His major in college was history, yet below is a history lesson that I guarantee you he does not want you to know about until it is too late. 

Please read the Communists’ Frankfurt School “11-STEP PLAN OF CULTURAL SUBVERSION” written in Germany between 1920-1932: (1)The creation of racism offences,(2)Continual change to create confusion,(3)The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children, (4)The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority, (5) Huge immigration to destroy identity, (6) The promotion of excessive drinking, (7)Emptying of churches, (8) An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime, (9)Dependency on the state or state benefits, (10)Control and dumbing down, (11)Encouraging the breakdown of the family. Sound familiar in 2018? Please help me right these wrongs! Thank you!

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