Twenty-Three MLB Teams to have LGBT Pride Nights at their Stadiums in 2018

May 9, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — “Twenty-three of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams are slated to host LGBT “pride nights” in 2018, leaving just two teams that have never officially celebrated homosexuality.”

Although I am not against gay or transgender people by any means and I don’t care what people do behind closed doors as long as they are not hurting children or anyone else, I can’t help but think that there might be an agenda behind the fairly recent and strong push for LGBT acceptance throughout our communities and country as a whole.

Why do I think this? Because of the following: besides Major League Baseball honoring the LGBT community, the city I reside in, Concord, also had a ceremony which I attended on June 1st in honor of the LGBT community by raising a Rainbow Coalition flag which will be flying the entire month of June at the Civic Center next to the American and California flags. Why? Because the City Manager, Mayor and four other City Council members decided to usurp the power from the public and voted on a resolution behind closed doors to do so.

Interestingly, during the course of Mayor Ed Birsan’s entire speech praising the LGBT community while wearing a multi-colored LGBT rainbow hat, he spoke about how flying the LGBT flag represented acceptance and “inclusion” for not only the LGBT community, but for everyone in Concord, along with how it was each citizen’s civic duty to ensure this be done.

The irony of his statement is the following: how “inclusionary” is it when he and his cohorts pass a resolution at the “exclusion” of a public vote and how is it that it is everyone’s civic duty to ensure that the LGBT community be honored along with accepting the rainbow flag be flown? Based on his logic, will all other groups of people who want representation for their specific cause now be allowed to fly their flag for  solidarity and recognition? If so, where will this need for “inclusiveness” stop?

Also, why does the mayor think he can speak for all residents of Concord when he says “it is each citizen’s civic duty to ensure this be done?” On the contrary, we have no civic duty or obligation to accept this flag and I truly believe the vast majority of residents, if given a vote, would have voted NO on flying it and/or any other flag for any other cause for that matter! Either way, at least allow the public to have a vote in these matters!

As a side note: One of Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s personal representatives  attended the Rainbow Coalition flag raising and was identified and warmly welcomed by Mayor Ed Birsan.

Please note: Mr. DeSaulnier as a senator in 2011 was a key vote on SB48 which made mandatory the teaching of homosexual and transgender history in the public school system K-12.

  • Also, it appears that only cities run by Democrats are promoting the LGBT issue. Why is this?

and this……..

  • The Boy Scouts of America— after 108 years in operation– just recently announced their decision to change their name to make their organization more “inclusive” to all people no matter their sexual designation. In other words, they are now gender-neutral and their new title is: Scouts of America.

Now back to Concord…….

By the way, this isn’t the first time that the Mayor and his fellow City Council members have passed a controversial resolution without allowing the public to vote on it. Months ago they designated Concord a Sanctuary City and most people I speak to on all sides of the political aisle aren’t happy about it!  I know I’m not! Sadly, this is the American “Democracy” we live under today!

We deserve better and we should demand that our voices be heard by voting out every city, state and federal representative who does not have their constituents best interests in mind! Let’s start with Mr. DeSaulnier!

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