South African White Farmers’ Property and Land to be Confiscated Without Compensation

Calls to ‘kill the Boer’ make all farmers targets, not just whites – South African official

In February 2018, South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) voted to confiscate all White farmers’ land without monetary compensation, yet there is very little mainstream news coverage regarding this issue in the United States or elsewhere.

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Equally alarming, there appears to be NO outrage by our Government not to mention the United Nations. The ONLY country who has offered to help these white farmers is Australia, although many within their government are trying to sabotage this possibility as well.

I must ask: Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, WHERE is your outrage along with those in both Houses of Congress? Why are you NOT making your constituents aware of this travesty and asking your fellow congressional leaders to help galvanize support here and in the United Nations to help these innocent people who have been brutalized for so many decades? Afterall, it is estimated that tens of thousands of white farmers have been killed  and many others brutally raped and tortured since 1994, yet rarely, if at all, has there been any mainstream U.S. news coverage regarding this ongoing and worsening issue.

World News (Reuters)

“Before being told to stop by the courts, populist leader Julius Malema stirred up crowds with his singing of “Shoot the Boer” – deepening unease among whites in a country where the Afrikaans word for farmer is synonymous with the people who make up most of the 10 percent white minority.”

The following picture shows Nelson MandelaWinnie Mandela,  along with Joe Slovo giving the Marxist/communist “Raised Fist” with a communist “Red Banner” in the background displaying the “Hammer and Sickle.”

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I find it interesting that Mr. DeSaulnier and many other left-leaning politicians in our Government support very loose immigration policies including the designation of Sanctuary City and State status for illegal immigrants from Central and South America not to mention refugees from Muslim nations, some of whom adhere to radical Islamic ideology, but they don’t seem to feel the same empathy for white South Africans, the vast majority of which possess the same European Christian values, culture, heritage and principles that America was founded on.

For this reason, we need to hold Congressman Mark DeSaulnier along with other Government representatives and officials accountable by asking them why there is such a double-standard in regards to the U.S. not helping white South African farmers who are being terribly persecuted in their homeland immigrate to the U.S.,  instead of many refugees and otherwise who do not share our Christian values, culture, heritage and principles and, furthermore, choose not to assimilate into our society by speaking our language and abiding by our laws?  To me, the hypocrisy is glaring and, even moreso, alarming!


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