Unauthorized Robocall is a smear against my campaign

My wife received a robocall this evening and was shocked hearing that the message referred to me and my campaign and subsequently handed me the phone. Unfortunately, I only heard a few seconds of it and did not hear enough to glean what was said. Due to my concern, I went on the internet and found many others received the same call and indicated it was from The Road To Power. I want to make it clear, I am NOT responsible for this call and DID NOT authorize and/or give my permission to Road To Power or anyone else to have these messages go out to the public! Here is a link I found regarding this call:

Here’s a story from Jewish News of Northern California of how Road to Power sent out thousands of robocalls for Patrick Little – also without his consent or knowledge.

“Road to Power” is a despicable, hate-filled person / organization who openly degrades ethnic groups in their podcasts and website, and uses derogatory terms for people of color and openly hates all Jews. I do not, never have and never will hate or degrade any ethnic group solely based on their ethnic identity! And even if I had the money to produce and send out thousands of robocalls, why would I have sent them out at 6.30 a.m.? They  were designed to deliberately alienate the public against me and associate me with actual hate. I further believe that this robocall was intended to purposely create a negative news story to destroy me and my campaign. Afterall, why would Road To Power not contact me for input, approval or prior notice.

Moreso, I question Road To Power’s true motives and funding along with the news agencies who are falsely characterizing and smearing  me as a person of “hate” and as an “anti-Semite” by associating me to the robocall.

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  1. I know John Fitzgerald personally and have for many years. This is obviously a smear campaign against him in order to support a long-standing government person, called DeSaulnier. DeSaulnier keeps the status quo with a “for profit” corporation calling themselves The United States. Yes, the United States is a corporation that is interested in control, power and profit. Although our current President Trump is making progress to help the United States Corporate government regain it’s integrity, Trump can’t undue the previous false flag terrorist strikes, fake news, etc. that were perpetrated by prior corporate government administrations. John Fitzgerald doesn’t fit the big government mold and doesn’t promote the false propaganda put forth by the United States corporate government regarding the holocaust. John is not anti-Semitic, he is a man of integrity that respects all people equally. Again, I know John personally and I know he is a man of honor and integrity. I know this for a fact. I suspect that DeSaulnier will not debate him cause DeSaulnier knows people will see Fitzgerald as a man who will represent the People of America, not bow down like DeSaulnier does to a corporate big profit mongering corporation called The United States corporation.
    Freedom is not free, but all the work has been done for Us., We, The People, just need to learn the real truth, not the fake truth we are fed by government controlled media. The United States corporation has no real authority among the several states of the Union. The United States corporate government does, however, have authority within their own jurisdiction which is defined within the congressional act of 1871, of which limited jurisdiction is The District of Columbia. Please understand the Congressional act of 1871 before posting a comment refuting the United States corporate government is a corporation, and please get to know John Fitzgerald and don’t believe the lies that the media and others are putting out there about John. It’s obvious that the United States corporate government fears him by the smear campaigns against him.

    1. Ricky, for the love of god, get to know this friend of yours. He is anti semitic. He is going out of his way to say hateful things about jews. He is saying horrific things about the US military. Listen to the podcasts he is on. Read his twitter feed. This is not a person you want to be associated with UNLESS you share his views.

    2. Wrong. DeSaulnier won’t debate him because HE DOESN’T HAVE TO. The district votes 75% Democrat. DeSaulnier has nothing to gain in a debate thus there is zero level of risk acceptable. That is a long-standing common sense decision in politics.

      John Putzgerald had his opportunity to get some crossover support from traditional Dem voters on the anti-wars for Israel issue…but he frigging BLEW IT by his hysterical, woman-like response to the robocalls on his behalf, calls which said NOTHING except what he himself has already campaigned on! What a dope!

  2. Bullshit. You’re only pissed that you didn’t come up with the idea first.

    More likely, you paid them to do the robocalls, “plausible (so you think) deniability”.

  3. Oh now you cry victim!! Gee the mean people repeated the same garbage I have been saying, on podcasts, on tweets, on my website. You are a fraud. You say you don’t malign people for religion, yet you do it over and over again. These calls were perfectly aligned with your anti-semitic campaign.

  4. This strikes me as very odd about the Mr Fitzgerald’s statement. While he states “I want to make it clear, I am NOT responsible for this call and DID NOT authorize and/or give my permission to Road To Power or anyone else to have these messages go out to the public!” he does NOT DENY SAYING ANY OF THIS.

    Read his words again. He states ONLY:
    “I am NOT responsible for this call and DID NOT authorize and/or give my permission to Road To Power or anyone else to have these messages go out to the public!”

    Walt what he did not take the opportunity to do was to come down hard on the message or to condemn it. He could have said something such as–
    “I categorically refute and oppose such a racist anti-Semitic statement and I disavow such a statement or views or opinions and anyone holding such views and opinions which are un-American” or something to this effect.

    His denial is weak if not suspicious but certainly an odd one because all he said is I didn’t do it. That is a lot different from the view is opposite to my own and worse isn’t it?

  5. “Afterall, why would Road To Power not contact me for input, approval or prior notice.”

    Probably to insulate you from any potential liability or jewish lawfare regarding the niggling rules regarding robocalling. But you’re too f—ing stupid to get it and ungrateful as f—. Everything in that recorded call is something you’ve put on this very website and claim to want to “get the word out about”, and the second you have the opportunity, you screw it up, mush-for-brains. I hope theroadtopower.com and the alt-right generally turns their back on you. You’re too gullible and dumb to deserve support.

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