A Memo Allegedly From President Trump Proposes Housing Up To 47,000 Illegal Immigrants At Former Concord Naval Base

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KTVU.com’s Michelle Toy interviewed Congressman Mark DeSaulnier earlier today regarding President Trump’s alleged memo that supposedly suggests that Concord’s Former Naval Weapons Station may be used to house up to 47,000 illegal immigrants.

The following is a quote from Mr. DeSaulnier:

“This is no way to effectuate intelligent immigration policy, including for those seeking asylum,” said Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, who represents the Concord area.  “If the Administration wants to have a rational dialogue about fixing our immigration system, I am happy to do that, but making up immigration policy on the fly is just wrong. We will fight this in every way we can.”

I take issue with Mr. DeSaulnier on two critical points:

  • 1) Implying that people who will be put in these encampments are “seeking asylum.”

It is my belief that Mr. DeSaulnier is using clever semantics or wordplay to evoke sympathy and/or play on the public’s emotions by using the term “asylum seekers.”

Afterall, to be designated as an asylum seeker one must not only believe, but also prove that his or her life is in danger if they should remain in their country, based on their race, religion or otherwise. 

Read and learn how President Obama made the number of “Credible Fear” refugees skyrocket during his eight years in office. It appears that Mr. DeSaulnier is simply trying to continue this policy!   

It is my belief that the majority of those who would be housed in these facilities would be immigrants who simply came into the country illegally and for the purpose of making a better life for themselves which is understandable, but surely not due to their Government’s persecution and/or life-threatening policies regarding them. For these reasons, they should not be categorized as asylum seekers, but simply as “economic migrants” or “illegal immigrants.”

  • 2) When he says President Trump is “making up immigration policy on the fly is just wrong,” what does he mean by this statement? 

Afterall, didn’t he along with Governor Jerry Brown and many others in the  Democrat Party pass their own form of “immigration policy on the fly” when they gave Sanctuary city and state status to “illegal” immigrants?

And… moreso,

What “immigration policy” is Mr. DeSaulnier and other Democrat representatives introducing to mitigate the flood of illegal immigrants into our country besides opening our borders further and letting more of them come in? Isn’t that reasoning or logic worse than what President Trump may be proposing?

Afterall, who does Congressman DeSaulnier represent, his constituents or that of illegal immigrants?

Again, it is just another double-standard! 


And this article from THE HILL.com, June 28, 2018, Reporter: Tess Bonn

“Prominent Democratic pollster Mark Penn said on Thursday that a vast majority of Americans don’t really support so-called sanctuary cities that shield immigrants in the country illegally from deportation.

Penn, who served as chief strategist for Hillary Clinton‘s 2008 presidential campaign, revealed that 84 percent of Americans favor turning undocumented immigrants over to federal agents.”

Has anybody shown Congressman Mark DeSaulnier these quotes from The Hill.com article?   


And by the way……regarding “asylum seekers:”

Fact: True “asylum seekers” are those like that of the hundreds of thousands of white farmers in South Africa who are threatened with rape, torture and murder on a daily basis as the African National Congress (ANC) either allow and/or are complicit in these barbaric acts against farmers and other white citizens of South Africa. To make matters worse, the ANC recently passed a law to confiscate white farmers’ farms, properties and businesses without compensation.

Talk about persecution, huh?

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Strangely, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier along with our Government and mainstream news agencies have been completely silent on this very important but disturbing subject.

Why the double-standard and where is the OUTRAGE, Mr. DeSaulnier?

Why don’t we care about white South African people yet care so much about illegal citizens rom Central and South American countries who are not be threatened with death and or land confiscation? Also, why should we as legal citizens feel the obligation to protect illegal immigrants when we end up  picking up the lion’s share of costs that illegal immigration causes our cities and states through housing/rental shortages and welfare programs, etc?

Fact: 51% of illegal immigrants are on some form of U.S. Government assistance and at the same time 78% of American citizens are living paycheck to paycheck with less than $10,000 in the bank. 

Mr. DeSaulnier and his fellow Democrats are running California and the country into the ground and it is time that we vote all of them out of office! Our children’s futures depend on it!

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