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For all of you who support my candidacy and believe that the issues I present are representative of what is needed to better our communities, country and the world as a whole, then please put your money where your mouth, heart and conviction is. To exact change and to bring “our” wishes and desires to fruition, I need your financial support to do so! I have contacted advertising companies and have gotten quotes to advertise critically important messages along very congested freeways where hundreds of thousands of commuters would view them each and every day.

I can guarantee you that these messages will be very controversial, newsworthy and, moreso, effective in regards to waking people up and consequently, educating them and hopefully they will ensure many more votes for me in the General Election to subsequently unseat Congressman Mark DeSaulnier! To do so, I have to raise atleast ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in the next four weeks to get the necessary funds. I will guarantee that every penny I receive will be used towards that end.

If everyone could give what they can no matter if it is $5 , $10, $20, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford, we could accomplish our goal and truly make those who rule over us take notice! Please help me accomplish this by donating what you can. Congressman Mark DeSaulnier who has hundreds of thousands of dollars in his coffers could easily be beaten if “our” message gets out!  Please help me awaken a sleeping GIANT!

Please Press on the Link Below! Thank YOU!

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