New Poll: 50% Of Bay Area Resident’s Say They Want To Move Out Of The Region Or State

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Why are 50% of Bay Area residents hoping to leave the region or CA?

The following is a direct quote from Congressman Mark DeSaulnier regarding one of his TOP PRIORITIES in CA:

“Invest in critical projects to reduce traffic congestion in the Bay Area, and improve housing options.”

When he says “invest in criticaI projects to reduce traffic congestion,” I guess he means through building the following:

  •  an additional 12,500 homes estimated to be built as part of the Concord Community Reuse Project in the former Naval Weapons Station which will add:
  • an additional 50,000 residents to Concord’s already strained infrastructure including roadways and Highway 4.  This doesn’t even take into account:
  • an additional 1,500 homes slated to be built by Seeno Construction that is contracted to be built above the Former Naval Weapons Station. This development will add:
  • an aditional 12,000 residents to Concord. Combined, that is:
  • 62,000 more residents living in Concord, which is half of the city’s current population!

Yikes! How is that going to mitigate traffic congestion, Mr. DeSaulnier? 

Fact: Mr. DeSaulnier supports Sanctuary City and State status for illegal immigrants which consequently causes more strain on our infrastructure, emergency services, roadways and also drives up the costs of housing due to supply and demand.

Being that this is simple economics, why doesn’t Mr. DeSaulnier understand this simple fact?

A simple solution: Implement strict immigration policy stopping the influx of additional illegal immigrants into the Bay Area and CA like we had prior to 1965? Doing so will not only help  mitigate traffic congestion, but it will relieve the terrible strain on our infrastructure and other community resources along with making housing more affordable as demand for housing declines.

I hope Congressman Mark DeSaulnier is listening! 

Probably NOT, but I sure am and everyone else should be, too!

It is my opinion that Mr. DeSaulnier and his Democrat Party are soley responsible for the fact that 50% of Bay Area resident’s polled said they want to move out of the region or state.From my own experience speaking with people, this unfortunate situation is not only due to unaffordable housing, but also because of excessive gas taxes, bridge toll hikes, Sanctuary City and State status under his and other Democrat’s so-called leadership!

How “inclusive” are Democrat policies that drive good, hard-working, tax-paying “legal” citizens and families out of a state that they still  love, but they can no longer AFFORD to live in? No wonder only 20% of registered voters showed up to vote in the Primary Election. The other 80% were too busy packing all their belongings and moving elsewhere where their votes count, their taxes are lower, citizens are legal and where it is more affordable and conducive to live!

Another reason Mark DeSaulnier and his ilk need to be voted OUT of office!





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