ca district 11

District 11 encompasses San Pablo, Richmond, El Cerrito, Kensington, a small part of Martinez south of Highway 4, Concord, Clayton, Pittsburg, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Danville, Blackhawk-Camino Tassajara, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and part of Antioch.

Map of California Congressional District 11

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  1. Even if all of this were true, it would be as easy as convincing Oprah to eat nothing but celery to get anyone to pay attention to it.
    My adoptive grandmother was jewish, and told a story of escaping from a death camp, a vivid story, the woman who escaped with her died of exposure.
    I am not saying you are wrong, but I don’t understand why she, and thousands like her would have these same stories if they were false-what would a little old lady living in Glendale, Arizona have to gain from a false tale?

    I understand why people at the top, like Hilary Clinton lie, but there is no point for little people at the bottom; no benefit.

    Lies are to acquire benefit. Just a thought. At least your handsome.

    1. You are just telling the truth and it makes me jealous you aren’t running in North Carolina. Please pay no attention to the jew manufactured white guilt attempted in the comments. The JIDF pays people to spam US websites. You will become one of the new founding fathers, once we declare independence from the mega bankers who are trying to genocide us.

    2. Hi Rolly, I am sorry to hear of your grandmother’s hard times. In short, the Nazis had work camps; people of all kinds were in them, including talmudic jews like your grandma. Many died in the work camps, only some were talmudic jews.

      The memorials in modern Israel show somewhere between 400k and 900k died. My own research shows somewhat less than 400k, but, whatever; people should do their own research. Mr. Fitzgerald is simply stating easily verifiable facts; don’t blame him, he’s just reporting.

      The belief of ‘Jewish supremacy’ is well documented in the talmud and the jewish encyclopedias going far back — again, do your own research. Ignore the namecallers, etc., they know Mr. Fitzgerald is stating facts; all that’s left is for them to threaten, call names, and insult.

      Thanks for your comment, Mr. Vidrine, you are correct, sir.

      Mr. Fitzgerald, thank you for your work, and don’t forget to bend the knee and ask God and His Son for guidance. The answers are to be found in the Mosaic Law, and Scripture as a whole.

  2. NO! Just NO! Your ignorance and racism are not OK! I will pray for you and your kind! I cannot wrap my brain around the notion that you are on the SSC at JME! Shame on you Martinez Unified. #loveeveryone #notmypresident

  3. How do you feel about niggers?

    Should they be allowed?

    What about wetbacks?

    Good for killin’?

    Should gooks all go? Right back to slant-o-landia?

  4. Your blatant, purposeful disregard of world history and the atrocities committed by the Nazis is despicable. The sole purpose behind what you “preach” to potential constituents is to manipulate and fan the flames of the ignorant. I cannot fathom the depravity which took place in Germany, nor can I fathom your refusal to accept that reality. Your willful “ignorance” is, quite simply, evil.

  5. Maybe you should get together with Terrible Tommy Metzger for name recognition and hold some nice photogenic KKK parades, that’ll really help your campaign.

    At least you wear your looniness on your sleeve. I guess your (no doubt inbred remnants of the Okies who came here in the 30s) base eats this stuff up.

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