My Response To Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s Slanderous Remarks against Me and my Campaign

The following is my rebuttal to Congressman Mark DeSaulnier regarding his SLANDEROUS video about me and my campaign:


The following are SALIENT quotes that people NO MATTER their POLITICAL allegiance MUST accept as TRUTH.

Image result for winston churchill history victors

Image result for winston churchill quote i will be seen in a good light because the victors write history

How PRESCIENT of Winston Churchill, huh? Yet, REAL HISTORY proves that he and FDR were NO different than fellow Marxists/Communists: VLADIMIR LENIN, LEON TROTSKY & JOSEPH STALIN, albeit the public doesn’t know this FACT!

And the following……….

Mark Twain, a TRULY WISE, THOUGHTFUL and THOUGHT-PROVOKING man who very much UNDERSTOOD the way the WORLD REALLY works:

Image result for mark twain quote about being fooled

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