My Latest Radio Interview With Author And Radio Host: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, On His Show: The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show

Please listen to my radio interview with author and radio host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock out of London, England.

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He is the author of the greatest book I have ever read regarding Jewish Supremacy and power. His book gives chronological historical data exposing Jewish Supremacy today and throughout the ages.

His book: The Synagogue Of Satan.

In this interview we covered a multitude of interesting subjects including:

  • My candidacy and how the CA Republican Party has denounced me and my campaign for incorrect and dishonest reasons
  • Jewish supremacy
  • Immigration: Sanctuary City and State Status
  • Israel’s control and power over U.S. Foreign-Policy along with the U.K.’s and many other countries for their quest and desire for world hegemony
  • The PNAC Doctrine
  • And many other interesting and important topics!


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