My candidacy

Hi everyone, I just qualified March 9th as the only Republican candidate for Congress in District 11. I will be challenging Democrat, Mark DeSaulnier, in the Primary Election on June 5th.

I hope you will look at the very controversial issues that I post, write about and speak to because they are extremely important to the continual health of our communities and our country and, more importantly, to our children and grandchildren’s futures.

Many of you will be incredulous when reading my posts and I can understand why. But, I also know that what I have posted is true! This information is gleaned from very credible alternative news sources and investigators along with university archives and other historical data including congressional records, Government memos/declarations, etc., although you won’t hear or see anything pertaining to it because of complete Government suppression and mainstream media blackouts in which Mr. DeSaulnier is complicit. If Mr. DeSaulnier disagrees, I welcome a debate!

In closing, I research and vet everything I post and those who know me know that my passion is not being misdirected and that I take my candidacy very seriously. Thank you for your support and take care!

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