Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Michal Maayan, Justifies Killing of Palestinians Who Were Protesting U.S. Embassy “Celebration” in Jerusalem

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After the horrific shootings and tear-gassings of innocent Palestinian protesters–many of whom were women and children–by Israeli forces outside the fence of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem that left 60 protesters dead and over 2,700 injured, an Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Michal Maayan, said: “Well, we can’t put all these people in jail” when asked why troops were shooting at the Palestinian demonstrators.

Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if a U.S. spokesperson or anyone else representing America responded with the same answer if it pertained to U.S. troops shooting at Mexican or Muslim demonstrators here in the U.S.?

My hope: There would be absolute outrage and comdemnation of that person!

Question: Why the double-standard?  Answer: Because it is Israel!

Equally disturbing, why was the Israeli Army shooting at doctors and paramedics who were clearly dressed in identifiable medical outfits trying to assist the injured? Unfortunately, some of them were injured and atleast one paramedic died.

London doctor shot amid Israel-Palestinian clashes

Where is the outrage by Congressman Mark DeSaulnier and other representatives not to mention Jewish humanitarian organizations throughout America and the world? Their silence, as always, is deafening… yet, speaks volumes!


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