I Garnered the Second Most Votes In The Primary Election and Am Now Moving On to The General Election

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who has supported me up to this point and subsequently helped me garner the second most votes in the June 5th Primary Election. This is our first victory and as a consequence it will be the  vehicle to help us in our continued efforts to get the TRUTH out about so many important issues and to a much larger audience! And for this reason, we All should be very grateful and pleased, I know I am!

I hope to have your continued support both spiritually and financially–unfortunately,  a winning campaign isn’t cheap— as we move forward with courage and conviction to unseat Congressman Mark DeSaulnier in the General Election. Although CA District 11 overwhelmingly votes Democrat as the numbers below Mr. DeSaulnier’s name indicate, we have TRUTH on our side that can easily overcome what seem insurmountable odds with more hard work, a little luck and continued prayers! Again, thank you!

The following are the results of the CA District 11 Primary Election:

U.S. House of Representatives District 11 – Districtwide Results

100.0% ( 475 of 475 ) precincts

County Results

Candidate Votes Percent
* Mark DeSaulnier

(Party Preference: DEM)
Dennis Lytton

(Party Preference: DEM)
John Fitzgerald

(Party Preference: REP)
Chris Wood

(Party Preference: NPP)

* Incumbent

Sorry, Former Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring, your desperate attempts to again slander and smear me just two days (June 3, 2018) before the Primary Election didn’t work! The road to November is a “long and winding one,” but I am looking forward to every turn and every minute traveling on it! The following is Ron Nehring’s article. Read and weep! 

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