Governor Jerry Brown Signs Another Law to Protect Illegal Immigrants

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, where do you stand on this issue? Being that you are for Sanctuary City and State status, I would guess you will applaud this law just passed by Governor Jerry Brown. I am absolutely against it! Governor Jerry Brown, as always, has taken steps to further protect illegal immigrants over those of legal U.S. citizens that he took an oath to represent, protect and honor.

The law will prevent attorneys from revealing the immigration status of crime victims and witnesses in open court unless a judge rules the information is relevant to the case. 

Los Angeles Times, May 17, 2018: “The new measure bars a person’s immigration status from being disclosed in open court unless a judge finds in a videotaped hearing that it is admissible evidence. It also protects witnesses, victims and defendants, applying in all criminal cases and most civil cases, except those involving personal injury or wrongful death.

The law is the latest in a series of California measures aimed at protecting immigrants in the country illegally. ”

By the way, to make matters worse regarding illegal immigration:


Why don’t Governor Jerry Brown and Congressman Mark DeSaulnier work to help the American citizens for once?

It is time to vote out EVERY Government official or representative who doesn’t put the needs and safety of legal citizens over those of illegal immigrants! Let’s start with Mark DeSaulnier!


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