Extremely Disturbing Quotes From the Most Revered Israeli Rabbi in Israel’s History

In our universities, mainstream media along with social circles we hear ad nauseam the terms White Supremacism and White Privilege, yet nothing about JEWISH SUPREMACISM? Why? Also, many universities and state colleges are now teaching courses or having seminars on White Racism and White Privilege.

Remarkably, one public college in New York City has even gone further, teaching a course on the “Abolition of Whiteness.” Are these courses truly a necessary means to counter alleged rampant white supremacism, or are they merely being taught to cover up something much more sinister that has simply been suppressed by a certain segment or sect of our society who has been covertly race-baiting and dividing our citizens for decades, if not centuries?

I’ll let you be the judge?

Below is the “true story” of a very brave, courageous and intelligent professor of African Studies at Wellesley College, Massachusettes. His name is Dr. Tony Martin. Please click on the links and learn what happened to him simply for telling the truth about the prominent role that Jews played in the African Slave Trade:

African Studies Professor: Dr. Tony Martin – The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade

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