Why are 9% of U.S. Government Officials Dual-Citizens of Israel and What is the PNAC Doctrine?

Dual Citizenship — Should we be worried?

President Trump’s recent decision to make “hawkish” and dual-citizen of Israel, John Bolton, National Security Advisor is now ensuring a conflict with Iran in the not so distant future. Of course, who benefits as usual? Netanyahu and Israel! When will the vast majority of Americans realize that Jewish “supremacists” within Israel and our State Dept. and U.S. military control–and always have since 1948– our Congress, Presidents and our entire foreign policy?

And why don’t many Americans see that the same blueprint is being used “over and over” again to legitimize war for Israel’s benefit? A war and subsequent victories over Iran and Syria– with help from the U.S., of course– will ultimately give Israel what they have always desired strategically: total control over the entire Middle East! This scenario along with the control they already possess in North Africa (Libya) and Southeast Asia (Afghanistan) will ensure total strategic control over the entire region.

Here is a list of the illegal and unconstitutional wars–and these are only the overt wars and not the covert wars– we have been involved in for Israel’s sake since 2001: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and soon, Iran, etc., etc., etc……!


Also, why are 9%–and counting– of our representatives in both Houses of Congress dual-citizens of Israel? If that is NOT the fox guarding the hen house then what is? Does anybody else see the glaring conflict of interest with this scenario? Interesting tidbit: The following is a list of dual citizens at the highest ranks of our Government along with an article regarding the PNAC Doctrine which called for a “catastrophic event like Pearl Harbor” to garner American citizen support to make regime changes in South East Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Twenty-one (21) of the doctrine’s authors were Jewish and many were also dual-citizens of Israel. Two years later 911 occurred! Were both simply coincidental?

Why do we continually allow our sons and daughters to be used as fodder for Israel’s desire and quest for world hegemony? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


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  1. Being Jewish does not make one an Israeli citizen. Jews can apply to move to Israel and after a year apply for Israeli citizenship. With the exception of the Emmanuel brothers, none of the others on this list are Israeli citizens. You just have a list of Jews, and not even a good one.
    I appreciate that you are unfit for office due to mental disease or defect, even if said conditiin precludes you from understanding it.

    Your antisemitism makes you a useful idiot for culrural Marxists. How many White South Africans will die because people like you damage efforts help them?

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