I’m not taking any corporate or special interest money – not that Goldman Sachs, Monsanto or the Bill Gates Foundation are beating down our doors. Please help in any way you can so I can bring truth and liberty to both Contra Costa County and Congress.

You can also help us by friending us on Facebook and writing letters to papers like the Contra Costa Times.

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  1. All the way from New Hampshire you’ve got my support. I just listened to your video Golden Gate Tax Day Tea Party speech. There are monumental forces at work to undermine our Constitution. Any candidate who defends and take up the Torch of Liberty and Truth I will support in any way I can. It is going to be a tough battle John. Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist your campaign over here in New Hampshire. Live Free or Die is our state motto. New Hampshire was the first state formed after the Declaration of Independence. We need a New Declaration of Independence Today. I believe you represent that spirit.

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