John featured in Danville San Ramon Weekly

I’d like to thank the Danville San Ramon Weekly for publishing an introduction to my platform which includes immigration, human sex trafficking and protecting the second amendment. 

Fitzgerald is a small business owner from Concord running as the contest’s lone Republican, offering voters an alternative to the current voting trends by California Congress members, saying he hopes to bring “sense and moderation to both District 11 and Washington, D.C.”

Fitzgerald told DanvilleSanRamon that some of the key issues he will focus on are combating sex trafficking, supporting the second amendment, addressing immigration and being an opponent to Planned Parenthood.

“Mr. DeSaulnier is for very lenient immigration policy, along with Sanctuary City and State status. I, like our Contra Costa County Sheriff, am not!” Fitzgerald said, criticizing DeSaulnier’s decision-making. “Mark voted NO on HR1865: Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 even though child sex trafficking is the second most lucrative illegal business in the U.S. behind drugs.”

“As a senator in 2011, (DeSaulnier) voted Yes on SB48 making it mandatory in public schools to teach homosexual/transgender history to students K-12 when today, mentioning God and church are not allowed,” he continued.

I am also on and where I answered specific questions posed by each organization.

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