Courageous Women Including 89 year-old Grandmother Sentenced to Two Years Imprisonment Under Orwellian Hate-Speech Law

Ursula Haverbeck, an 89 year-old German Historian, scholar and grandmother is now serving (as of May, 2018) a two-year prison term for nothing more than denying the holocaust. She was found guilty of Hate-Speech under Orwellian laws obviously meant to both suppress facts and scare others into not questioning this most taboo of subjects.


  • Why is the holocaust the ONLY historical issue that cannot be questioned without fear of fines and/or imprisonment in eighteen countries–and counting– throughout the world?


  • Also, why do U.S. mainstream news agencies, politicians, many Jewish organizations, Hollywood, etc. portray it as the MOST singular event of genocide ever committed?
  • Why don’t we hear about Jewish communists such as Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky who killed tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of civilians including women and children during and after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution with Total Impunity!

The German prisoners were designated as DEF (Disarmed Enemy Forces) instead of the previous designation of POW (Prisoner of War) so American forces could feed them 1,000-1,200 calories per day instead of the 1,700 needed to sustain life and authorized under the Geneva Convention.

I find it interesting that my father who served in WWII in the 4th Infantry Division’s Counterintelligence Corps and subsequently landed at Normandy (Battle of the Bulge), and was also involved in the battle of Hurtgen Forest, the “liberation” of Dachau, and, for a short period of time, the denazification program in Germany, would years later say to me over lunch, “word was, Eisenhower had death camps.” Besides my father, I NEVER heard ONE word about these camps nor did I ever hear anything about the Bolshevik Revolution including Lenin, Trotsky and very little about their fellow murderous comrade, Joseph Stalin, in middle school, high school or college. I wonder why?

Germar Rudolf
The Rudolf Report
Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz


  • Another and more recent injustice not known in America is the following: Monika Schaefer was arrested in Germany and has been imprisoned for over four months under Hate-Speech law for merely doing a video where she apologizes to her late mother’s spirit for being wrong regarding her views on WWII and the holocaust. Monika is a German-Canadian who is also a former Green Party candidate, former forestry ranger, environmentalist, pacifist and classical violinist. In her video she also reflects on “being bullied as a little girl growing up in Canada, in the aftermath of WWII, for being German.” And for this she has been imprisoned! 
  • Another case of “Orwellian” Hate-Speech law imprisoning an honest, ethical and courageous woman in Germany. This quote from Newsweek (2-26-15) says it all:

“A former-lawyer who has previously been convicted for denying the Holocaust in Germany has been sentenced once again for the offence at a court in Munich.

Sylvia Stolz, 51, was convicted for inciting racial hatred when she denied that there was sufficient evidence for the Holocaust in a 2012 speech at an anti-censorship congress in Switzerland. She has been sentenced to 20 months in prison.”

  • And, again, here is another recent injustice (2018) being perpetrated:


British singer/songwriter, Alison Chabloz, facing fines and/or imprisonment in U.K. for challenging the official holocaust narrative through her songs.

People in the U.S. better wake-up! This could be our fate in the not so distant future!

  • Or maybe, it has already started……….


CHARLESTON, S.C. (Reuters) – South Carolina has become the first U.S. state to pass legislation to fight anti-Semitism on campus, after supporters of the measure said it would help colleges battle discrimination amid growing numbers of such incidents nationwide.

The bill passed the South Carolina House by 86 votes to 4 late on Wednesday. Its sponsor, Republican Representative Alan Clemmons, said its passage showed the state was “leading the fight against anti-Semitism.” Opponents of the measure said they thought it went too far into censoring critics of Israel’s government.




  • Auschwitz Placque That Originally Read 4.1 Million People Died, Reduced to 1.5 Million in 1989: 
Image result for auschwitz plaque drops 2.5 million
  • Surely the historical evidence supporting the official holocaust narrative that we have seen and heard through Hollywood movies, our manistream news, our politicians, our educational institutions and holocaust museums can withstand scrutiny, right?I guess NOT! Why is it against the law in eighteen countries to challenge the official holocaust narrative or challenge Israel’s policies here in the U.S.? Shouldn’t TRUTH be able to stand on its own merit when under scrutiny? Also, isn’t debate through dissenting views a healthy way to better glean  historical facts or otherwise?


  • Here is a list of other courageous people currently imprisoned or soon to be imprisoned simply for questioning the holocaust:

Free speech now a hate crime

  1. Horst Mahler, Age: 81
  2. Arnold Hofs, Age: 82
  3. Wolgang Frohlich, Age: 67
  4. Gerd Ittner, Age: 60
  5. Jez Turner, Age: 48
  6. Alison Chabloz, Age: 54
  7. Tommy Robinson, Age: 35
  8. Ursula Haverbeck, Age: 89 
  9. Monika Schaefer, Age:  Not known
  10. Sylvia Stolz, Age: 54 
  11. Ernst Zundel, RIP (A true hero in a world with very few)


And let’s never forget the unprovoked attack by Israeli forces on the USS Liberty!

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