Congressman Mark DeSaulnier And His Democrat Party Have Turned California Into The Worst State To Live In In The Entire United States

Please read the following reports and you will realize why Congressman Mark DeSaulnier and his Democrat colleagues must be voted out in the General Election in November. 

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Like many of us, I was born, raised and have lived in California most of my  life–53 out of 54 years– and sadly, it is no longer the wonderful state it once was due to policies implemented by the Democrat Party including those pushed by Jerry Brown along with former Massachusetts native and current Bay Area transplant Mark DeSaulnier.

Under their helm, the following tax hikes have or will be implemented to further hurt lower and middle-class families along with all other consumers who reside in the state. Call these schemes what you want, but they are simply additional TAXES!

It is no wonder why nearly 50% of Bay Area residents want to leave the region or CA as a whole.

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And here we go……

Californians now pay the highest taxes per gallon of gas: 73 cents per gallon anywhere in the United States, yet it will soon be 85 cents per gallon after the latest gas hike takes effect in November. When are the vast majority of California registered voters going to realize why everything is going wrong in California and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and vote Democrat policymakers out? 

The following are the political offices that Mr. DeSaulnier has held since the 1990s that have helped turn this state upside down:

  • Concord City Council Board member
  • Mayor of Concord
  • CA Transportation Board
  • Contra Costa Board of Supervisors
  • CA State Assemblyman 
  • CA State Senator
  • U.S. Congressman

What more needs to be said?

Of course, he had alot of help steering California down this terrible path with the assistance of his fellow tax-happy Democrat leadership who joined efforts with him to make California the most expensive and least attractive place in America for families to live in by effectually creating the following problems that are plaguing our communities on a daily basis:

  • Excessive traffic (And now the former Naval Weapons Station Reuse Housing Development Plan calls for the building an additional 12,500 homes which is projected to increase Concord’s already stressed infrastructure with an additional 50,000 new residents. Not to mention, Seeno Construction is contracted to build an additional 1,500 homes above the Reuse Development Housing Development which is projected to add an additional 6,000 Concord residents. Both housing projects combined will nearly double the population of 122,000 that Concord currently has)


  • And since we are speaking of excessive traffic and transportation woes, who were the genuises who decided to build a meager ten mile above ground tracking system called EBart that does NOT have universal tracks with Bart and as a consequence can ONLY take passengers from Antioch to Pittsburg where passengers then have to transfer to be transported to San Francisco?


  • Not to mention the lack of parking spaces at EBart parking sites which have caused people to park on adjacent roadways many of which are dangerous to pedestrians due to heavy and fast traffic. And why are there fenced off dirt lots that are not being utilized as parking spaces that would be very convenient for commuters of EBart to park in?

Mr. DeSaulnier, being that you worked on the Transportation Board, do you have an opinion regarding these matters?

Ironically, he does! The following is a direct quote from him regarding one of his TOP PRIORITIES in CA:

“Invest in critical projects to reduce traffic congestion in the Bay Area, and improve housing options.”

I guess he means like he and the Democrat’s did in the Bay Area with E-Bart along with what they plan on doing by building thousands of homes at the Former Naval Weapons Station.

The following headline and article written by Angela Johnston at KALW Local Public Radio says it all:

“Hey Area: How the width of BART tracks affects your commute”

Business Insider Reporter: Mark Abadi (March 01, 2018)

“California has the worst quality of life in the 50 US states, and some conservatives are celebrating.” 

  • California came in 50th place in a ranking of the US states by quality of life.
  • The rankings considered metrics such as air quality, pollution, community engagement, and voter participation.


The rankings considered two sets of metrics for each state:

  1. Natural environment, comprising drinking-water quality, air quality, and pollution and industrial toxins.
  2. Social environment, comprising community engagement, social support, and voter participation.

And this…. 

A ranking from: U.S. News & World Report: BEST STATES


  • Los Angeles is the state’s largest city, with nearly three times the number of residents as the second largest, San Diego. Next up are San Jose, San Francisco and Fresno, the largest inland city in the state. Each of these cities is popular with immigrants.


  • Nearly three in 10 Californians were born outside the U.S., with just over half of immigrants coming from Latin America and 39 percent from Asia. Since 2006, though, Asian immigrants have outnumbered Latinos, a trend that is expected to continue through 2030.


  • The growing population will put a strain on infrastructure and public services, including health, housing and schools. California’s increasing high school graduation rates – 82 percent of students graduated in 2015 – will keep the demand for higher education strong.


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