Former Naval Weapons Station will add a 52% increase to Concord’s population?

Last Wednesday, I attended a presentation given by Guy Bjerke, the director of the Concord Community Reuse Planning Project, about the development plan for the Naval Weapons Station, Concord CA.
The company which won the development contract, Lennar Homebuilders, has a very sketchy past  including  bankruptcies by their subsidiaries,  leaving communities and residents in the lurch.

Mr. Bjerke said 12,500 homes were planned for the Reuse Community Project and another 1,500 homes will be built outside the scope of the Reuse Community Project by the Seeno Construction Company.
When I asked how many people would live in each of these homes, Mr. Bjerke replied “four per home.” This will add an extra 56,000 residents to Concord’s population of 122,076 – an increase of almost half. 
The ONLY major road out of this area is Willow Pass Road (which he said they will expand two more lanes under the plan: one lane each direction) and the only highway is Highway 4 (which he said CalTrans has proposed expanding two more lanes: one lane each direction), both of which are ALREADY very congested due to heavy traffic during commute hours or otherwise. Common sense tells me adding an additional 56,000 residents to a city that ALREADY has a population of 122,076 is simply a MAJOR disaster waiting to happen at our expense as citizens and tax-payers.
I then asked Mr. Bjerke if he and other planning and development officials and/or representatives working for the City of Concord can guarantee that only local/state and LEGAL American citizens will receive the tens of thousands of labor/construction jobs projected and needed to build the project and NOT illegal citizens? He seemed surprised and incredulous that I would ask such a question and basically said that he would hope that would be the case, but ultimately that was up to the developer or builders not the City of Concord. In other words, there is NO guarantee that U.S. citizens will get these jobs!
Fact: The 800 pound elephant in the room that Mr. Bjerke, Mr. DeSaulnier and many others in their “inclusiveness coalition” do not want us to recognize and that is causing traffic congestion, etc. is the unabated illegal immigration policy that these people have advocated for decades. Cause and effect: our cities, counties, states and country as a whole is deteriorating further because our infrastructure, housing market and medical and emergency services are being constantly strained due to an unabated flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S.
Having lived in Concord for 54 years and seeing the adverse traffic conditions along with housing availabilty worsening each year for well over a decade, common sense tells me that unabated illegal immigration is having an obvious negative effect on our city, state  and communities as a whole. Why? Because the constant influx of illegal immigrants drives the cost of renting or buying a home substantially higher due to housing/apartment shortages. As a consequence, this severely restricts many legal citizens who are competing with illegal citizens for housing from ever getting a property to rent or buy and, consequently, many U.S. citizens move out of the area or state for good. And that is an absolute shame! Also, for those people lucky enough to rent or buy a home, the average cost to do so is growing exhorbitantly higher each year with no end in sight until the next housing.
Being that congressman Mr. DeSaulnier lives in Concord and has much political power here in this city as a former Concord City Council member and mayor, I would hope that he will address these very serious issues pertaining to the Concord Community Reuse Project. He must know that unabated immigration will only worsen traffic along with housing at the expense of the legal citizens that he took an oath to serve and protect. 
How can he not see that our quality of life is being negatively impacted throughout Concord and other communities in District 11? Sadly, his past and present track record makes me doubt he will do anything to stop our communities from being further impacted by immigration. Afterall, he is a  proud advocate of Sanctuary City/State status. I hope the citizens of Concord realize that adding 56,000 additional residents to Concord under the Community Reuse Project without the infrastructure to support it is not good for Concord and it is simply going to negatively impact all of us further! To stop this possibility, let’s speak up and make our voices heard loudly! I did so at this meeting and I will keep on doing so! 

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