South African White Farmers’ Property and Land to be Confiscated Without Compensation

Calls to ‘kill the Boer’ make all farmers targets, not just whites – South African official

In February 2018, South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) voted to confiscate all White farmers’ land without monetary compensation, yet there is very little mainstream news coverage regarding this issue in the United States or elsewhere.

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Equally alarming, there appears to be NO outrage by our Government not to mention the United Nations. The ONLY country who has offered to help these white farmers is Australia, although many within their government are trying to sabotage this possibility as well.

I must ask: Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, WHERE is your outrage along with those in both Houses of Congress? Why are you NOT making your constituents aware of this travesty and asking your fellow congressional leaders to help galvanize support here and in the United Nations to help these innocent people who have been brutalized for so many decades? Afterall, it is estimated that tens of thousands of white farmers have been killed  and many others brutally raped and tortured since 1994, yet rarely, if at all, has there been any mainstream U.S. news coverage regarding this ongoing and worsening issue.

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Extremely Disturbing Quotes From the Most Revered Israeli Rabbi in Israel’s History

In our universities, mainstream media along with social circles we hear ad nauseam the terms White Supremacism and White Privilege, yet nothing about JEWISH SUPREMACISM? Why? Also, many universities and state colleges are now teaching courses or having seminars on White Racism and White Privilege.

Remarkably, one public college in New York City has even gone further, teaching a course on the “Abolition of Whiteness.” Are these courses truly a necessary means to counter alleged rampant white supremacism, or are they merely being taught to cover up something much more sinister that has simply been suppressed by a certain segment or sect of our society who has been covertly race-baiting and dividing our citizens for decades, if not centuries?

I’ll let you be the judge?

Below is the “true story” of a very brave, courageous and intelligent professor of African Studies at Wellesley College, Massachusettes. His name is Dr. Tony Martin. Please click on the links and learn what happened to him simply for telling the truth about the prominent role that Jews played in the African Slave Trade:

African Studies Professor: Dr. Tony Martin – The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade

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Californians Leaving State in Droves Due to Tax Policies of Democrats

Why are so many “legal” residents in California along with residents in other Blue States leaving to move to Red States? Listen to the following video and read the article and learn why? I hope Governor Jerry Brown and Congressman Mark DeSaulnier and many other democrats do the same!

  • More Californians are moving from the Golden State, particularly lower-income residents, although even middle-class residents are saying goodbye.
  • The trend is a symptom of the state’s housing crunch and, for some, high taxes.
  • Census Bureau data show California lost just over 138,000 people to domestic migration in the 12 months ended in July 2017.
  • Lower-cost states such as Arizona, Texas and Nevada are popular destinations for relocating Californians.

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Governor Jerry Brown Signs Another Law to Protect Illegal Immigrants

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, where do you stand on this issue? Being that you are for Sanctuary City and State status, I would guess you will applaud this law just passed by Governor Jerry Brown. I am absolutely against it! Governor Jerry Brown, as always, has taken steps to further protect illegal immigrants over those of legal U.S. citizens that he took an oath to represent, protect and honor.

The law will prevent attorneys from revealing the immigration status of crime victims and witnesses in open court unless a judge rules the information is relevant to the case. 

Los Angeles Times, May 17, 2018: “The new measure bars a person’s immigration status from being disclosed in open court unless a judge finds in a videotaped hearing that it is admissible evidence. It also protects witnesses, victims and defendants, applying in all criminal cases and most civil cases, except those involving personal injury or wrongful death.

The law is the latest in a series of California measures aimed at protecting immigrants in the country illegally. ”

By the way, to make matters worse regarding illegal immigration:


Why don’t Governor Jerry Brown and Congressman Mark DeSaulnier work to help the American citizens for once?

It is time to vote out EVERY Government official or representative who doesn’t put the needs and safety of legal citizens over those of illegal immigrants! Let’s start with Mark DeSaulnier!


Training Exercises Dovetail With Mass Shootings – What Are The Odds?

My heart and prayers go out to all of those injured and killed today in the mass-shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas along with all of their families, fellow students, teachers and school personnel affected by this tragedy. Sadly, as frequent as these mass-casualty shootings are becoming, I believe our mainstream media along with our local and federal authorities in Government and the emergency personnel responding to these attacks, owe the public answers as to why and how so many of these mass-shootings, bombings (Boston), etc. happen to coincide with mass-casualty emergency drills being performed the very same day and time or within days of the real attacks and, in many cases, at the same location or within proximity to where the attacks occurred.


I am not suggesting that the shooting at Santa Fe High School meets this criteria by any means, I am only speaking to and concerned about mass-casualty shootings, etc. that coincided with training exercises so many times in the past?

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Michal Maayan, Justifies Killing of Palestinians Who Were Protesting U.S. Embassy “Celebration” in Jerusalem

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After the horrific shootings and tear-gassings of innocent Palestinian protesters–many of whom were women and children–by Israeli forces outside the fence of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem that left 60 protesters dead and over 2,700 injured, an Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Michal Maayan, said: “Well, we can’t put all these people in jail” when asked why troops were shooting at the Palestinian demonstrators.

Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if a U.S. spokesperson or anyone else representing America responded with the same answer if it pertained to U.S. troops shooting at Mexican or Muslim demonstrators here in the U.S.?

My hope: There would be absolute outrage and comdemnation of that person!

Question: Why the double-standard?  Answer: Because it is Israel!

Equally disturbing, why was the Israeli Army shooting at doctors and paramedics who were clearly dressed in identifiable medical outfits trying to assist the injured? Unfortunately, some of them were injured and atleast one paramedic died.

London doctor shot amid Israel-Palestinian clashes

Where is the outrage by Congressman Mark DeSaulnier and other representatives not to mention Jewish humanitarian organizations throughout America and the world? Their silence, as always, is deafening… yet, speaks volumes!


$5.6 Trillion U.S. Dollars Spent on Wars Since 2001 or $23,386 per U.S. Tax-payer!

6,952 U.S. Soldiers and 1.2 Million Others Dead, $5.6 Trillion Spent

PNAC Doctrine: The 911 attacks were used as the catalyst by Jewish  elements within our Government and Israel’s, to implement the PNAC Doctrine (1999) which called for a “catastrophic and catalyzing event— like a new Pearl Harbor” to both galvanize support from the American people and to make regime changes throughout the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and North Korea, in what is now, an Orwellian and never-ending “War on Terror.” Coincidence?

Since 2001, America has squandered $5.6 trillion dollars. Can you imagine if this money had instead gone towards the following in America: affordable quality healthcare, our infrastructure, our educational system, our mentally ill, our elderly, our homeless, and most importantly, OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURES!

Please read the following article from Brown University: Costs of War


Why are 9% of U.S. Government Officials Dual-Citizens of Israel and What is the PNAC Doctrine?

Dual Citizenship — Should we be worried?

President Trump’s recent decision to make “hawkish” and dual-citizen of Israel, John Bolton, National Security Advisor is now ensuring a conflict with Iran in the not so distant future. Of course, who benefits as usual? Netanyahu and Israel! When will the vast majority of Americans realize that Jewish “supremacists” within Israel and our State Dept. and U.S. military control–and always have since 1948– our Congress, Presidents and our entire foreign policy?

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The United Nations Partners With Planned Parenthood To Sexualize Our children In Public Schools

First and foremost, I have nothing against people who are gay, transgender or otherwise, and what people do behind closed doors is their own business. My only issue is with those who are pushing this lifestyle on the most impressionable and innocent in our society: our children! Recently, there has been a HUGE push to normalize and promote  homosexuality and transgender life-styles and many, including myself, have wondered how and why this very small segment of society has become such a pervasive and powerful force in the U.S. and elsewhere throughout the world? The following videos and articles should help you in your quest to answer these questions. They helped me!

Please WATCH these short but POWERFUL videos and you will learn that this so-called “organic” movement is actually an orchestrated agenda implemented and pushed by the United Nations with help from Public School Administrators, Government officials and Planned Parenthood. Sadly, their goal is to sexualize our children through the public school system’s “Safe Schools” and make billions of dollars doing so from the unsuspecting public at large.

Also, as many of you now know, the Boy Scouts of America is now changing their name to the “Gender-Neutral Scouts.” Continue reading “The United Nations Partners With Planned Parenthood To Sexualize Our children In Public Schools”

My candidacy

Hi everyone, I just qualified March 9th as the only Republican candidate for Congress in District 11. I will be challenging Democrat, Mark DeSaulnier, in the Primary Election on June 5th.

I hope you will look at the very controversial issues that I post, write about and speak to because they are extremely important to the continual health of our communities and our country and, more importantly, to our children and grandchildren’s futures.

Many of you will be incredulous when reading my posts and I can understand why. But, I also know that what I have posted is true! This information is gleaned from very credible alternative news sources and investigators along with university archives and other historical data including congressional records, Government memos/declarations, etc., although you won’t hear or see anything pertaining to it because of complete Government suppression and mainstream media blackouts in which Mr. DeSaulnier is complicit. If Mr. DeSaulnier disagrees, I welcome a debate!

In closing, I research and vet everything I post and those who know me know that my passion is not being misdirected and that I take my candidacy very seriously. Thank you for your support and take care!