Interview on Viewpoint Radio

John covered the waterfront in an excellent interview with Eddrick Osborne of Viewpoint Radio, to be broadcast Saturday at

He spoke about the NDAA, how the Government imports illegal drugs and Wall Street launders the profits, that our diet is being poisoned with aspartame and genetically modified food, that the Contra Costa water supply is being contaminated with Roundup and 24D – half of Agent Orange. He said both major parties are compromised and that government and big business collude against the welfare of the electorate.

Are the flu shots safe?

John Fitzgerald read the fine print in the flu shot insert and shared it with the public. You can read the package inserts here.

Section 8.1 reveals that the shots may cause infertility and miscarriages. Yet the CDC still encourages pregnant women to get the shot.

John wants to remove immunity of prosecution from the vaccine manufacturers so people injured by their untested shots can sue.

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