John addresses the Contra Costa Tea Party

John asked the Contra Costa Tea Party in Danville, CA, to vote for the candidate, not the party. Although running as a Democrat, he is an American first. He mentioned that although the Contra Costa Times criticized him for a lack of experience, the incumbent, George Miller, had only been an intern for a few months he was elected at age 29 and that many people thought they were voting for his namesake father.

John again called for Obama’s impeachment for signing the National Defense Authorization Act, which unconstitutionally allows the military to indefinitely detain US citizens without due process.

Impeach Obama for signing NDAA

John Fitzgerald told Solano County Tea Party activists that with President Obama’s signing of the NDAA, US citizens can now be rounded up by the military and detained indefinitely without trial or due process. Although he’s running as a Democrat, he called for impeachment of the President on war crimes and the prosecution of both George W Bush and Dick Cheney. He also called for a new independent investigation of the events of 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Are the flu shots safe?

John Fitzgerald read the fine print in the flu shot insert and shared it with the public. You can read the package inserts here.

Section 8.1 reveals that the shots may cause infertility and miscarriages. Yet the CDC still encourages pregnant women to get the shot.

John wants to remove immunity of prosecution from the vaccine manufacturers so people injured by their untested shots can sue.

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To all my supporters

Well, I didn’t win the primary, but our election results were impressive.

In a five month campaign with a handful of volunteers and $4,200, I took 15% of the vote from 36-year incumbent George Miller, the second most powerful congressman in the house. I literally ran the campaign out of the back of my pickup truck while painting houses and bidding on jobs.

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John Fitzgerald Radio Show

On the night before the June 2010 primary election, John was interviewed and took callers’ questions in a live one-hour broadcast on San Francisco’s Green 960 AM hosted by Peter B. Collins.

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