A Sincere Thank You to All of You Who Supported Me in my Campaign Over the Months

Hello to all of my supporters and again thank you for ALL of your support and kindness both emotionally and monetarily over the many months. With all sincerity, I am indebted to you! Unfortunately, I didn’t win, yet I did receive 28.1% of the overall votes (44K votes in total) in a district that has consistently voted Democrat 73%-76% of the time in past elections over a span of several election cycles. To be honest, I am pleased knowing that I met or exceeded past election results running as a Republican being that I was vilified and denounced by both the Republican and Democrat parties not to mention every major news organization along with most Jewish organizations both here in America and Israel.

And although the outcome wasn’t what I was hoping for, I would hope that all of you who supported me will continue– as I will do– to educate others to continue our quest to tell the TRUTH by exposing “inconvenient” historical lies to hopefully foster a mass-awakening to right so many wrongs in our society. Knowing that I am the FIRST Republican NOT to be debated by a Democrat incumbent as far back as I can remember shows the FEAR that congressman DeSaulnier and his Democrat ilk have for the TRUTH that you and ALL of us espouse, and for this WE won a VICTORY! Let’s keep up the good and honorable fight and NEVER give up until justice prevails! Take care and thank you again for supporting me. I am proud to call you friends! Take care and PLEASE stay in touch!

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