My Challenge: I am offering $3,000 To Anybody Who Can Prove That The Official Holocaust Narrative Is True

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Who ran WWII camps where people were methodically and systematically killed? An Inconvenient Truth Not Well Known!


Fact: It wasn’t Adolf Hitler, It was General Dwight D. Eisenhower!


The following OFFICIAL documents and declarations are VERY important for people to understand because they were VERY instrumental in both the build-up to WWII–including the vast propaganda against Germany during the war– and also set the stage for what would eventually become the State of Israel in 1948. Unfortunately, MOST of the public is NOT aware of this information because it has been purposely suppressed! 

Please take a look……….

1944 Secret British Ministry Letter to clergy & BBC: “We must lie about the Germans, atrocity propaganda. The lies will be bigger than in WW1”

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The 1917 Balfour Declaration: A letter written to Lord Rothschild from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, a leader of the British Jewish community, promising an establishment in Palestine of a National Home for Jewish People: 


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1933: Powerful Jewish Oligarch’s Call For The Boycott Of All German Goods which was the impetus for the Transfer Agreement.

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And……… how many people have ever heard of the Transfer Agreement? 

The Haavara Agreement (Transfer Agreement) 1933-1939: The Agreement Between Adolf Hitler and Zionist Jews To Move Jews To Palestine along with their assets.


Please watch and learn:

More official proof…….

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And more compelling evidence from a former Jewish Zionist…………

And this…….

An amazing MUST WATCH documentary regarding the TRUTH about Adolf Hitler and the events that led up to WWI and WWII that those who finance and perpetuate wars don’t want you to see.

I hope all of you have the courage to watch it! I did, and it changed my world view!

A Film By Dennis Wise:

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told


And please watch this equally remarkable, although VERY disturbing and extremely heartwrenching documentary regarding the allied fire-bombing and subsequent destruction of sixty cities in Germany. Another INCONVENIENT TRUTH purposely suppressed since the end of WWII:

Based on the book written by author, Thomas Goodrich

Director: Kyle Hunt 

Hellstorm – Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany

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Also, please read the following book, Other Losses, to continue your journey to learn the “Real,” but purposely suppressed TRUTH:

Other Losses,” Author: James Bacque


And other GREAT BOOKS regarding WWII, allied propaganda and the holocaust……….


A hero of mine in a world with very few: Courageous Jewish author, Gerard Menuhin, son of Yehudi Menuhin, considered by many to be the greatest  violinist of the 20th Century. Mr. Menuhin’s enlightening book is entitled: Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil:

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Also, another brave man, Benton L. Bradberry, current author and former naval officer and aviator who served twenty plus years in the U.S. Navy (1955-1977). His remarkable book: The Myth of German Villainy:  

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And…… why are so many powerful mainstream news organizations here and in Israel trying to completely ruin my reputation and livelihood, merely for questioning historical events and or other “controversial” or “taboo” subjects?


Please read the following……….


Since articles appeared in the following news outlets last week: New York Times, Newsweek, San Francisco Gate, Fox News, Pleasanton Weekly, Rolling Stone magazine, San Jose Mercury News, Haaretz, The Forward, etc., along with additional news stories being reported on radio and television stations within the last few days due to an unsolicited robocall that was made and paid for without my knowledge and/or consent by an internet radio personality hosting the show “Road To Power,” I have been falsely and irresponsibly denounced by many as a “white supremacist” and “hater” of ALL Jewish people and “people of color,” and subsequently branded both an anti-Semite and racist. And the fact is, ALL of these accusations are patently FALSE not to mention absolute LIES!

Everybody who really knows me knows I love all moral, good, decent and respectful people of the world no matter their ethnic or religious backgrounds be it: Irish, Jewish, Chinese, Middle Eastern, white, black, Muslim, Buddhist or otherwise. In my campaign, I am strictly going after those that devise, finance and foment unneccesary wars for their own  benefit and at the detriment or peril of everyone else.  Continue reading “My Challenge: I am offering $3,000 To Anybody Who Can Prove That The Official Holocaust Narrative Is True”

Unauthorized Robocall is a smear against my campaign

My wife received a robocall this evening and was shocked hearing that the message referred to me and my campaign and subsequently handed me the phone. Unfortunately, I only heard a few seconds of it and did not hear enough to glean what was said. Due to my concern, I went on the internet and found many others received the same call and indicated it was from The Road To Power. I want to make it clear, I am NOT responsible for this call and DID NOT authorize and/or give my permission to Road To Power or anyone else to have these messages go out to the public! Here is a link I found regarding this call:

Here’s a story from Jewish News of Northern California of how Road to Power sent out thousands of robocalls for Patrick Little – also without his consent or knowledge.

“Road to Power” is a despicable, hate-filled person / organization who openly degrades ethnic groups in their podcasts and website, and uses derogatory terms for people of color and openly hates all Jews. I do not, never have and never will hate or degrade any ethnic group solely based on their ethnic identity! And even if I had the money to produce and send out thousands of robocalls, why would I have sent them out at 6.30 a.m.? They  were designed to deliberately alienate the public against me and associate me with actual hate. I further believe that this robocall was intended to purposely create a negative news story to destroy me and my campaign. Afterall, why would Road To Power not contact me for input, approval or prior notice.

Moreso, I question Road To Power’s true motives and funding along with the news agencies who are falsely characterizing and smearing  me as a person of “hate” and as an “anti-Semite” by associating me to the robocall.

This Is How Far Our Society And Culture Has Declined In The Last Decade

Continue reading “This Is How Far Our Society And Culture Has Declined In The Last Decade”

Why Are Powerful Jews Pushing Mass-Immigration And Forced-Multiculturalism Throughout The U.S. And Europe?

1993 Front Cover of TIME MAGAZINE: 

THE NEW FACE OF AMERICA: How Immigrants Are Shaping the World’s First Multicultural Society



The Ethnic European, June 27, 2018, Reporter: Mike Walsh


Four Jewish owned mega-corporations control the vast majority of all advertising agencies. The Omnicom Group of New York, WPP of London, Publicis of Paris, and Interpublic of New York are the key corporations in the West.

Sadly, their destructive plan is working!

The following videos should make ALL of us question the TRUE motives of those who are promoting multiculturalism, diversity and inclusiveness which, in all honesty, are nothing more than “Feel-Good” terms intended to destroy our distinct and unique cultures, heritage and traditions that define all of us: Continue reading “Why Are Powerful Jews Pushing Mass-Immigration And Forced-Multiculturalism Throughout The U.S. And Europe?”

Farmlands: A Documentary About The Persecution And Murders Of White Farmers In South Africa And The Total Blackout By The National And International Media Not To Mention The Entire U.S. Government

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier and so many other so-called representatives and leaders in the Democrat Party along with the national and international mainstream news are focusing on the “possible” future detention and persecution of “illegal immigrants” in the U.S. as if what President Obama did from 2014 until the end of his Presidency, where he did detain thousands of illegal immigrants, never existed.

Also, President George W. Bush did the same during his murderous and constitutionally destructive tenure in office.

Yet, at the same time this non-issue is brewing to a feverish pitch, due to the hype of many of our political representatives along with their collaborators in the mainstream news, there TRULY is a horrific humanitarian crisis underway that unfortunately has garnered little if no  attention, occurring in the country of South Africa with NOT even a whimper from Mr. DeSaulnier, his fellow congressional leaders, our President, or any national or international mainstream news outlets!

Why is this and where is the OUTRAGE from these same elected officials and mainstream news pundits and hacks? 

What a double-standard  and what hypocrisy, huh?

Fact: White farmers and citizens are being raped, tortured and murdered, and those lucky enough to survive this carnage will soon have ALL their land, businesses and property confiscated without compensation at the behest of the ANC (African National Congress) after they passed a law in February 2018 making it legal to do so.   

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Please watch this very informative and revealing film about the plight of white farmers in the truly racist and Marxist South Africa. The documentary is called: Farmlands

It is the story of purposely suppressed White Genocide occurring in South Africa at the hands of Black South Africans loyal to the African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s ruling Government whose mantra is:

“Kill the Boer!” 

A Boer is a “White Farmer.”

Continue reading “Farmlands: A Documentary About The Persecution And Murders Of White Farmers In South Africa And The Total Blackout By The National And International Media Not To Mention The Entire U.S. Government”

My Latest Radio Interview With Author And Radio Host: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, On His Show: The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show

Please listen to my radio interview with author and radio host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock out of London, England.

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He is the author of the greatest book I have ever read regarding Jewish Supremacy and power. His book gives chronological historical data exposing Jewish Supremacy today and throughout the ages.

His book: The Synagogue Of Satan.

In this interview we covered a multitude of interesting subjects including:

  • My candidacy and how the CA Republican Party has denounced me and my campaign for incorrect and dishonest reasons
  • Jewish supremacy
  • Immigration: Sanctuary City and State Status
  • Israel’s control and power over U.S. Foreign-Policy along with the U.K.’s and many other countries for their quest and desire for world hegemony
  • The PNAC Doctrine
  • And many other interesting and important topics!


My Radio Interview on The Realist Report With Radio Host And American Free Press Reporter, John Friend

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I encourage you to listen to my radio interview with American Free Press journalist and radio show host John Friend on his show: The Realist Report.

John and I covered many topics including:

  • How two powerful CA Republican Party Chairmen: Ron Nehring and Jim Brulte slandered and denounced me along with my campaign, prior to and up until to the Primary Election, hoping to stop me from moving on to the General Election in November, yet their attempts COMPLETELY failed!
  • Immigration; Sanctuary City and State status, etc.
  • California’s deterioration due to Democrat policies
  • Confiscation of land from White South African farmers at the behest of the South African Government (ANC–African National Congress) along with the rape, torture and murder of tens of thousands of these Christian people since 1994
  • Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s liberal, destructive and hypocritical policies that are destroying our once wonderful sate
  • And many more topics….

Please follow John Friend on The Realist Report along with American Free Press and educate yourself through all his GREAT work!

Why Does Congressman Mark DeSaulnier Have More Concern Over The Rights Of Foreign Nationals And Illegal Immigrants Over Those Of Legal Citizens That He Took An Oath To Represent And Serve?

At the bottom of this post are Mark DeSaulnier’s latest tweets regarding President Trump’s Muslim ban being ruled Constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court along with his many other tweets regarding President Trump’s alleged memo regarding former military bases being used as detention centers for illegal immigrants throughout the U.S.

And, although I do agree with Mr. DeSaulnierthough for VERY different reasons— that President Trump’s banning of people from the following Muslim countries is wrong: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, I, unlike Mr. DeSaulnier, do so simply because the Trump Administration and he are being deceitful when evidence overwhelmingly proves that these countries have never attacked or terrorized America, yet– when  the evidence is carefully studied– it does thoroughly prove that Israel and Saudia Arabia along with other Marxist elements within our Government whose loyalties are to Israel committed the attacks on our nation and our people on September 11, 2001.

To me it seems strange and ironic how upset Mr. DeSaulnier is about the banning of Muslims from traveling to the United States, yet at the same time he and his fellow congressional leaders are complicit in covering up not only the TRUTH pertaining to the attacks of 911, but also Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s terrorist networks that continue to kill tens of thousands of innocent Muslims, Christians and otherwise throughout Palestine, Syria and the entire Middle East and with total impunity, all while being funded by U.S. tax dollars at the expense of our soldiers who are unfortunately being used as nothing more than cannon fodder for Israel’s quest for world hegemony! 

Learn the TRUTH about the attacks of September 11, 2001 after watching this short but powerful 15 minute video. By doing so, you will learn how a THIRD building collapsed in New York that fateful day? It was 47 stories tall and was NOT hit by a plane yet fell at “free-fall speed” “straight down into its own footprint” as did WTC 1 and WTC 2.

This is the story of WTC 7. You be the judge? Then have the COURAGE to tell others the TRUE story of the events of 911!

Continue reading “Why Does Congressman Mark DeSaulnier Have More Concern Over The Rights Of Foreign Nationals And Illegal Immigrants Over Those Of Legal Citizens That He Took An Oath To Represent And Serve?”

A Memo Allegedly From President Trump Proposes Housing Up To 47,000 Illegal Immigrants At Former Concord Naval Base

Image result for concord naval base’s Michelle Toy interviewed Congressman Mark DeSaulnier earlier today regarding President Trump’s alleged memo that supposedly suggests that Concord’s Former Naval Weapons Station may be used to house up to 47,000 illegal immigrants.

The following is a quote from Mr. DeSaulnier:

“This is no way to effectuate intelligent immigration policy, including for those seeking asylum,” said Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, who represents the Concord area.  “If the Administration wants to have a rational dialogue about fixing our immigration system, I am happy to do that, but making up immigration policy on the fly is just wrong. We will fight this in every way we can.”

I take issue with Mr. DeSaulnier on two critical points: Continue reading “A Memo Allegedly From President Trump Proposes Housing Up To 47,000 Illegal Immigrants At Former Concord Naval Base”

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier And His Democrat Party Have Turned California Into The Worst State To Live In The Entire United States

Please read the following reports and you will realize why Congressman Mark DeSaulnier and his Democrat colleagues must be voted out in the General Election in November. 

los angeles la traffic

Like many of us, I was born, raised and have lived in California most of my  life–53 out of 54 years– and sadly, it is no longer the wonderful state it once was due to policies implemented by the Democrat Party including those pushed by Jerry Brown along with former Massachusetts native and current Bay Area transplant Mark DeSaulnier.

Under their helm, the following tax hikes have or will be implemented to further hurt lower and middle-class families along with all other consumers who reside in the state. Call these schemes what you want, but they are simply additional TAXES!

It is no wonder why nearly 50% of Bay Area residents want to leave the region or CA as a whole.

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And here we go……

Californians now pay the highest taxes per gallon of gas: 73 cents per gallon anywhere in the United States, yet it will soon be 85 cents per gallon after the latest gas hike takes effect in November. When are the vast majority of California registered voters going to realize why everything is going wrong in California and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and vote Democrat policymakers out?  Continue reading “Congressman Mark DeSaulnier And His Democrat Party Have Turned California Into The Worst State To Live In The Entire United States”